Cory has worked at Veronica Ann’s since 2005. He wears many hats, and definitely likes a good challenge.

One of his favorite projects consisted of finishing an intricate fire place with reclaimed wood finishes mixed with plaster work and metal details. He liked the mix of medias and making them work well together.

In his spare time, Cory enjoys golf, travel, and an occasional lazy day on the couch, especially during football season!

His professional tip is this: “Always use the right tool for the job. Research products and procedures to make sure your projects run smoothly.



Patty has worked at Veronica Ann’s since 2016. She has an incredible talent for organizing and is such an asset to the team.

One of Patty’s favorite things to do here is take an unorganized area and make a difference in that space.

In her free time, Patty enjoys spending time with her family, learning about God, and participating in fellowship with others.

Her personal tip is this: “Pay attention to what people say, but also to what they don’t say”.



Blake has worked at Veronica Ann’s since 2004. He is an excellent artist and draftsman. Blake has such a great sense of humor, and always keeps the team laughing.

One of Blake’s favorite things to do here are touch-ups, because they provide instant gratification. He can take an area with a defect and touch it up to perfection.

In his spare time, Blake likes to play chess, play guitar while his wife plays piano, and read the latest scientific articles.

Blake’s professional tip is this: “Make sure you have all the tools and supplies you need before coming in to work because of the variety of jobs and myriad of applications”.



David has worked at Veronica Ann’s since 2013. He has an eye for detail and takes on any task with a great attitude and a willingness to tackle it.

David’s favorite project so far was the first full design remodel he participated in. He really enjoyed watching the total transformation, and being a part of the creative process.

In his free time, David loves hiking with his son.

David’s professional tip is this: “If you need something done, and don’t know who to call, call us”.



Gustavo has worked at Veronica Ann’s since 2014. He is dedicated to his work and has such a gift for painting and distressing. He is definitely a team player, and works diligently.

One of his favorite things to do is create plaster art on walls - he has so much fun with it.

In his free time, Gustavo enjoys going to car shows and having fun on the beach.

His professional tip is this: “Take care of your tools and your gear. Keep them in top working order always”.