Annie & her litter

One day, a highly energetic, fox-like puppy stopped by our warehouse. Soon, she began visiting us more regularly, and we all really looked forward to getting to see and play with her. Of course, at a shop full of dog lovers, she won our hearts over quickly and we all began getting attached. We eventually started calling her Annie. Pretty soon, she hung out with us at the shop daily. If Annie wasn’t visiting us, she could be found getting kicked out of the Dollar General next door for stealing dog toys and treats. Over some period of time, we noticed Annie was looking heavier and seemed a little less energetic some days. She was pregnant, and shortly thereafter, she gave birth to 8 of the sweetest pups. We kept mom and puppies here for weeks and weeks, until they were ready to find loving homes - which they did. Gustavo, an employee here at Veronica Ann’s, adopted a boy and his name is Pony Boy. Holli adopted the last girl puppy remaining, and named her Tucker. She is at the shop almost daily, and reminds us so much of her mom Annie. Speaking of Annie, she found her forever home once the puppies were old enough to part ways, and is treated like absolute royalty. She has her own wardrobe, and plays from morning to evening with her new siblings. Annie’s mom sends us “The Annie Chronicles” - updates, stories, and pictures of Annie’s current adventures. We are in touch with everyone who got one of Annie’s puppies, and love being able to watch them grow up.

Up close & Personal with a deer

At Veronica Ann's, some art projects are collaborative - we all come together to create something unique.  This is definitely true of what started out as a Styrofoam taxidermy deer form.  From start to finish, everyone participated in working on this creation.  First,  Kat and Blake formed ears and facial features on the deer, working with modelling compounds, cardboard, and a bit of foil filler.  They coated the entire surface of the deer in a paper mache product and gave it a good coat of acrylic paint.  Cory was up next, branching out of his regular routine to create giant, life-like antlers from twigs he sourced in the woods.  He spent several days finding just the right pieces and firmly attaching them into the styrofoam form.  Kat then embellished the antlers, wrapping parts of them in paper mache, adding paint and glazes, and finally a bit of dried moss to complete the look.  Blake took the reins on the next step, which involved transferring an artistic pattern to the deer head.  This presented a real challenge due to the fact that he had to essentially transfer a 2-dimensional hand drawn pattern to a 3-dimensional sculpture.  After some head scratching and going back and forth to the drawing board, he finally succeeded in penciling in the symmetrical, dimensional, abstract art that now covers the deer.  Holli followed closely behind Blake work wise, and spent several hours a day over the course of several weeks, and finally an entire weekend with the deer, successfully getting the intricate blue and white art painted.  Gustavo and David finished him up, adding a final glaze and aging to the deer head, to make him look like an old buck instead of a young fawn.  This project was a blast.  It was all hands on deck and on deer!  Oh Deer!

Barry deer head 1.jpg

plaster art 1.jpg

Feature 3

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